Coed Varsity Choir · Winter Choir Concert

By: Kaci Mark

Wednesday December 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. was the Bonneville High School Choir performance. They all did exceptionally well, all the girls looked very beautiful in their dresses, and the men looked dashing in their suits. The choir was very entertaining.

They started with Laker Unity, an all-girls choir. To start the show they did Carol of the Bells by Peter J. Wilhouskey. Their voiced blended nicely, the harmony was very pretty. Next was The Hands that First Held Mary’s Child, their soloist was Madilyn Howard and was accompanied by Heather Waite. They ended their number with A Merry Christmas the traditional one written by Arthur Warrell.

Admiralty is and all-boys’ choir, definitely improved from the last choir. They sang three songs as well, the first was Three French Carols by Donald Moore, which looked like a very hard song to learn. Next was We Three Kings by Earlene Rentz, I’ve never heard the song before but it was probably one of my favorites. Then there was the classical Feliz Navidad by John Leavitt, Solos were by Axel Leimer, and Josh Coleman, accompanied by Heather Waite, Andy Buckway, and Wyatt Holden.

Next semester Admiralty and Lady Lakers will be united as one and create Blue and Gold. But that night Mishy Kerby the Director had decided to clash the two classes before next semester. The two classes did Jingle Bell Rock the traditional one by Tina Chinn. They did a dance along with the song, and I believe that they would have been fall all over the place if they didn’t move off of the risers and onto the main stage.

Then there was the other all-girls choir, Lady Lakers, they started with Mid-winter Carol by Bob Chilcott, the girls also improved from the last concert. In fact they sounded like they had aged ten years. You could tell that they were trying. The next song was very different being Noel, Noel Bells are ringing by Wilbur Chenoweth, soloists being Amy Campo, Breonah Anderson, Maya Sampson, and Kelseann McGough, accompanied by Heather Waite. The last song done by them was Somewhere in my memory from the movie Home Alone, accompanied by Kaylee Nelson, in this song the girls were hold little candles. It was a very beautiful piece.

Tapestry, a mix between boys and girls, mostly seniors, they have been everywhere this year. They sang a total of four songs, and danced to two of them. A Choral Fanfare by Linda Spevacek, accompanied by Lydia Taylor. Holly Jolly Christmas by Johnny Marks and Harry Simeone. Wassail Song by R. Vaughan Williams, and I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by Ed Lojeski. They did very well and they were pretty close to the edge of the stage, I wouldn’t have been shocked if anyone fell off the stage.

Laker choir had to have been the biggest choir I had ever seen. It was also a mix and had some of the Tapestry kids in there. It had to have been at least 70 students. The first song was really cool, Kerby had them transition some of the Tapestry and the Laker choir during the song Ding-a-ding-a-ding by Greg Gilpin. They then did the Medieval Carol Fantasy by Brad Printz, accompanied by Quinn Bradly, and percussionists Kaylee Nelson, Toomy Morgan, Katie Waite. And My Shepard Will Supply my Need by Mack Wilberg, accompanied by Marissa Gonzales, Abby Evans, and Connor Quimby. To finish their part they did the traditional Christmas Party.

Then something none of us had suspected Kerby had combined all the choirs for Stille Nacht (Silent Night) the traditional song, Which she had a few people sign the words in English just to give it that much more effect. And they ended the concert with the School Hymn. That song has been around for so long.To be honest, I think that all the choirs could work on the Hymn. Some of the students have seemed to either forgotten or never really learned it.