Coed Varsity Choir · Choir Performance at SLC Temple Square

by: Marissa Lundeen

This past Wednesday Bonneville’s Tapestry and Laker Choirs headed to Salt Lake City to perform in the historic Salt Lake Assembly Hall. Surrounded with the golden glow of the organ pipes, they performed their wonderful Christmas program.

Tapestry took the stage first, performing the Christmas carol epic “Gloria,” which was accompanied by Tapestry member Lydia Taylor on the piano.  They then lightened the mood with a medley of,  “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” accompanied by Heather Waite. Tapestry wrapped up their solo performance with beautiful renditions of Charlie Brown’s classic, “Christmastime is Here,” and the spirited carol, ” Wassail.” Wowing the crowd was Lydia Taylor with a beautiful solo piece and Junior James Herndon  on the piano.

Tapestry was then joined on the stage by the Laker Choir with the poignant song, “Baby, What You Goin’ to Be,” accompanied by  Kaylee Nelson. Next they performed the “Medieval Carol Fantasy,” with Katie Waite on the triangle, Kaylee Nelson on the drum, Tommy Morgan on the tambourine, and Quinn Bradley on the piano. They then began slowing the show down as they neared their last two performances. Performed beautifully was the song, “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need,” accompanied by Abby Evans on the flute, Quinn Bradley on the piano, and  Connor Quimby on the clarinet. To conclude this indelible performance was a beautiful rendition of Stille Nacht, the traditional Silent night in its original language, German. This timeless and simple Christmas hymn was accompanied by Kelan Combe, JC Sessions, and Jacob Buckway on the guitar and interpreted in sign language by Ryanne Winterbottom, Mason Turner and  Emma London.

On this snowy December evening, deep in the heart of winter, with snow falling determinedly over the city and the brisk chill of winter biting our noses and fingers, the world could have seemed like a rather cold place. However, within that Assembly Hall and among the enchanting voices and carols sung, this concert, was in fact, a remarkably warm place to be.