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Boys Varsity Football · Off Week Workout Program 2018 FB

Here is the schedule for the off week:

Run Schedule: Run daily, but at least three times this week:

Run 1: Power Conditioning Phase:

Dynamic Warm-up, 4X100y Stride @75 percent. Get off fast, then stride. Big arms, hips forward. 30s rest between reps. Must stay within work to rest ratio.

4x80y Stride @75 percent. Same as above. 30s rest

Sprints: 15X35y with 35s rest


Run 2: 110’s (15-21 seconds depending on position with 35 second rest) & Repeat 20’s

Run 7 – 110y sprints within timeframe for your position:

Positions: D.B., RB, WR, Q must run in 15s

LB, Y, DE, P, K in 17s

OL, DL 20-21s

Repeat 20y sprints (All OUT)

Reps: 15, Rest: 20s, take a 2 min rest after 8 reps


Run 3: 300’s

Reps: 4, Rest: 3 min

Set up cones/markers 25 yards away from start line. Touch line (be disciplined) and work on transition. Plant-pick up, roll over. Drive three hard paddle steps to get you back to speed every 25 yards. 60-65s is the time we need to be at to be in shape.


Lifting: Lower body early in the week, chest & mid-back/arms middle of week, and shoulders, neck & upper back end of week.


Go Lakers! Anchor Down.