Varsity Football · 2020 Laker Football Spring & Summer Schedule

Hello all,

Please find the attached snapshot of upcoming events. This form will be updated as WAIVERS and other information are shared with us, but at least gets out solid dates and times so that you can plan out your summer. Please remember that June is EXTREMELY busy for Laker Football. The UHSAA’s Moratorium from June 29-July 5 is the BEST time to take vacation and not miss anything for football. Again, football is a COLLISION sport that requires substantial weight training and conditioning to prepare the body for a rigorous and physically demanding season wherein the health and safety of our athletes requires that we train for these demands. As such, the rule we adhere to is student-athletes SHOULD expect to train any time we offer training.

Please contact me if you have any questions:

2020 Schedule & FB Costs as of 2_20_2020 – MASTER rev Feb 20

This revision (2-20-20) reflects a change to Wed, April 29, 2020 for the Power Meet @Weber High.