Varsity Football · Summer Conditioning PLAN for June 1 and thereafter (Football)

Hello all!

This is a comprehensive review of what our plans are so find a comfortable place to read this. I am attaching all relevant memos/letters/flyers that we have received over the past few days in an attempt to provide you with answers for ‘why’ we are doing things the way we are – moving forward – and starting on Monday, June 1 @7A. Please know that EVERYTHING is subject to change at ANY moment. What I am attaching and expressing in this post is what we are allowed to do under the guidelines provided. In addition, our new Athletic Trainer receives DAILY updates from IHC by way of the Health Dept. regarding the status that we are currently in and whether the status has changed for better or worse. To be candid, there are at least four separate governing entities overseeing what we do and how. These entities include the Governor’s Plan 4.4 for Utah, the Weber/Morgan Health Department, the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA), and our own school district. If any of these entities call for more restriction then we are to comply. This should be considered as the NEW NORM for all things related to high school athletics/activities.

If you are uncomfortable with any of the criteria listed on this post and do not feel that it is sufficient to meet your needs for the health and safety of your family, then we will honor your decision not to participate with us in-person at this time (Please see attached memo named WSD Summer Participation Guidelines #15 concerning this very issue). As you may be aware, there is no perfect plan for a viral pandemic for which there is no vaccine – yet. Furthermore, we are not testing our student-athletes for Covid or conducting trace evidence that you may hear the NCAA and NFL are planning on doing. We are simply following the guidance of those charged with providing the best-case recommendations for us to begin training through exhaustive collaboration and in accordance with the aforementioned entities from the state of Utah. As coaches, we too are wholly invested in compliance with these guidelines as we too have significant concerns with spreading this virus to ourselves and our families. Given all that is at risk it is imperative that everyone involved take seriously all attempts we are taking to ensure that we are training safely. This also only covers what we, at Bonneville High School, are planning on doing beginning June 1, 2020.

Please review the Utah’s Low Risk Phase Flyer (attached) from the Weber/Morgan Health Department that allows for us to be in groups of 50 or fewer. With regard to social distancing measures for sport please review the Summer Participation Parent Letter #8, which reads, “Social distancing will be practiced when possible, but parents should understand that many group or athletic activities require close proximity or contact between participants” (attached). Weight room activities fall into this category of athletes being in close proximity or contact between participants. We are following stringent cleaning/sanitizing protocols in the weight room. Following each lifting session, all equipment will be sprayed with the recommended chemicals and the weight room will be sanitized via ozone machines nightly as deemed appropriate by our janitorial staff (who are well aware of how to treat harmful viruses and bacteria). Coaches interacting within 6 feet of our athletes will wear a mask when those opportunities arise.

The following highlights DAILY items/expectations/criteria that we MUST adhere to, and comply with, beginning Monday, June 1. Again, everything cited here is subject to change at any given moment. The following are priority items or changes that are listed for clarity and/or listed as expectations for the health and safety of all of us. The items, to wit:

  • The UHSAA vacated the Moratorium from June 27th-July 5th.  Obviously, we will honor and work with student-athletes and their families who have previously planned vacations that are already bought and paid for – we will continue with our weight room workouts and conditioning during this time.
  • ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES (and their families on behalf of the athlete) ARE REQUIRED to self-diagnose and report truthfully to all questions asked. If we are to continue with properly preparing for a physically demanding collision sport in football, then weight training and conditioning is imperative to the health and safety of our athletes. You cannot play football in this day and age without training for the rigors specific to this sport. Therefore, ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES will use the following link until we are able to purchase infrared temperature guns (massive shortage currently). Student-athletes will use the following site:

  • Players will answer three questions on the site. (For clarification, if a PLAYER has a fever of 100.4 or higher he or she is symptomatic.) If the PLAYER has a smart phone he or she will present the confirmation page from the IHC site to a coach just PRIOR to 7A. The confirmation page will either show coaches a GREEN CHECK MARK or a RED CHECK MARK. GREEN means the PLAYER is good to workout for the day and is saying he or she is symptom free. A coach will then mark them off as completing the IHC Symptom Survey. PLAYERS who do NOT have a smart phone will need to use the school-issued Chromebook, take the survey, enter their school email on the survey, and forward the email confirmation they received from IHC to me at:  again PRIOR to checking in at 7A. If a player is unable to do a survey online for whatever reason, then a hardcopy of a blank survey will be provided to the player prior to the workout. ALL PLAYERS MUST COMPLETE a survey EACH DAY in order to participate in the workout. Refusal of, or in the absence of, a survey will result in the player being sent home for the day.
  • The Summer Participation Parent Letter #4 reads, “Participants who are sick or have any of the symptoms listed above should not participate until they are symptom-free or cleared by a physician. Participants should immediately report the development of any of these symptoms.” This is CRITICAL to the longevity of our ability to workout together this summer!
  • The Summer Participation Parent Letter #5 reads, “Participants will be required to bring their own water bottles and a daily supply of water/fluid….” A gallon of water (milk jug) is sufficient for what we are doing right now.
  • Players must bring their own towels.
  • Players must wear shirts/shorts or sweats, and shoes that cover the toes while in the weight room.
  • Players must leave their bags in their car (if they can).
  • Players will not be allowed to loiter around the school significantly before or after the workouts.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at:

Or Lance Mimnaugh (Athletic Director) at:


Summer Participation Parent Letter- May 2020 Final.docx