Varsity Football · Football Calendar REVISED as of Feb 19. Feb-July 2021 Calendar

Please find the attached monthly calendars for all things football from today thru July 2021. Because of COVID and regular changes to rules from the Health Dept/Gov Office/District, everything on these calendars are subject to change. For now, this is what we are going to do. Absent from these calendars is our Spring Football Schedule and 7v7 tourneys. Due to the addition of both girls & boys lacrosse, along with all the other spring sports, field space is going to be difficult to share. We are not allowed to simply pick up practice at the local park for liability reasons. Therefore, we HIGHLY encourage our players to plan on participating in a SPRING SPORT. We value opportunities to COMPETE! Run track or try out for another sport, but participate in something. We will of course lift and condition regularly as football requires that we do so in order to prevent injury. As we get closer to May, we will review how often we can participate in Spring Football, but this will take a backseat to all spring sports.

Please remember that we have a standing order that all our athletes must be COVID tested at least monthly and MUST wear a mask on campus. BHS provides testing for this. All that is required by you is a one-time online registration HERE and a CONSENT FORM. If your athlete is NOT participating in a sport at BHS in the spring, then he/she will need to be tested at the first of the month (at BHS) until the order is lifted. If your athlete does participate in a sport at BHS in the spring, then he/she will need to be tested bi-monthly, but the Head Coach of that sport will monitor that to ensure it is complete. Failure to test will result in your athlete not being able to participate in anything that we do in athletics so please make this a priority!

During the summer, the month of June is SUPER busy! If you are planning a vacation, please always plan on doing that during the Summer Moratorium that always falls around the 4th of July each year. This year, the Moratorium falls on July 4-July 11. No sport can participate in anything during this moratorium. The general rule we prescribe for football is if your athlete is in town, we expect them to be at whatever we have scheduled. If you are out of town, then the workouts STILL need to occur and will be provided to the athlete via our online VOLT workout and Google Classroom posted running schedule. High School Football is NOT a sport you can just pick up when school starts or at the end of the summer. You MUST prepare your body physically and mentally for the rigors of this collision sport.

Upcoming Costs associated with Football:

Summer Conditioning = $50 due June 1; 8-day Padded Camp (June 16-25) = $150 due BEFORE June 16 (pads will not be given out until camp fee is paid); 7v7 tourney’s vary from $20-25, but these have not been scheduled yet (due to COVID); helmet reconditioning fee = $55 due July 26; Pay to Play District Fee  = $85 due July 26. Pricing for a player pack that includes a mouth piece, short and shirt, padded girdle, COVID mask is being negotiated now. We will also be doing a fundraiser to help offset these costs. Never let $$ be the reason you do not play! Also, NEVER give a coach $$. All money needs to be given to the secretaries in the Main Office at BHS.

Calendars by month:


Laker Football Calendar 2021 – March 2021

Laker Football Calendar 2021 – April 2021

Laker Football Calendar 2021 – May 2021

Laker Football Calendar 2021 – June 2021

Laker Football Calendar 2021 – July 2021

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