Girls Tennis Sport Philosophy

In all my years of competitive tennis I have slid along the spectrum between being the best player on the team and being at the bottom of the roster. But I can say that at both positions I found success. Success in that I pushed myself to my limits constantly, reached goals I had set for myself, and learned and developed character traits. Competitive tennis lasts a few years, but the potential character development lasts forever and affects every aspect of your life.
–  If you ask me what my record was in high school or even college, I couldn’t tell you. What I could tell you about is the friendships, the grueling mental battle to keep pushing every day, and the satisfaction of knowing I never gave up. In my everyday tasks I am able to see the benefits I’ve gained by playing a competitive sport. I hope to help my players become better versions of themselves by being on my team.
Winning is not my main focus. I believe winning is just a by-product of the effort and
preparation that is put in before the match even starts. I won’t be looking at player’s records at the end of the season, I will be look to see if they gave me everything that they have. That they pushed themselves to be the best versions of themselves on and off the court. I do not believe that there are any star players on the team. Tennis is often seen as an individual sport but it very much takes each player to make the team successful. If someone isn’t striving for their best every practice, it not only affects them but those that are hitting against them. The whole team can be brought down by one player. I want to make sure that every player, regardless of position on the team, understands they are needed and necessary! The only time you really fail is if you don’t do your best, learn from your mistakes, and make adjustments moving forward. If a player loses the same way over and over again, then they’ve fail. I would rather a player lose working on personal improvements then have them win without any personal progression. Never try to be better than someone else, making comparisons will only hinder you. You can’t control other people. All you can do is try to be your best you. You have control of yourself and
the effort you give toward bringing out your best in whatever you’re doing. I don’t expect each player to give me the same results, but I do expect them to give me all that they personally are capable of giving me.